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The following points of unity were informed by our deep study of the landscape of Seattle and the national moment and are the key concepts that guide our work. They are intended as catalyzers of conversation, agitation and liberation.

In the aftermath of protests against the World Trade Organization and the transformative dialogue that followed amongst left social movements, initiated by people of color, white folks in Seattle came together to form the Coalition of Anti-racist Whites (CARW) in 2001.

Our current structure includes the Organizing Collective (our leadership and decision-making body), several leadership teams (Education, Campaign Action, Member Engagement, Communications & Media and Admin / Logistics), the Solidarity wing (that includes several solidarity groups), and the Campaign wing.

As CARW organizers develop in their leadership and organizing skills they have the option to move through increasing levels of responsibility and challenge from newcomer to leader, over time.

Partner Organizations are grassroots people of color-led organizations with which CARW has a committed and long-standing partnership. Solidarity Groups are CARW organizers who collaborate with and are accountable to Partner Organizations on key campaigns, projects, and fundraising efforts. Collaborations are defined together with partner organizations and currently include: mobilizing for direct action, campaign development, childcare, fundraising, data entry, volunteer coordination, and more.

CARW currently works with the Duwamish TribeGot GreenBAYAN PNW, and several migrant justice organizations, including Northwest Detention Center Resistance and El Comite. CARW is also a member of the Block the Bunker Coalition.CARW is an affiliate of Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ), a national organization of white anti-racist organizations.

If you have questions or are part of an organization interested in partnering with CARW, email us carwoc@gmail.com.You can find us in Seattle, WA, 98118, or on Facebook. For more info, give us a ring at 425-243-3402.

You are invited to become a member of CARW! Making and honoring a commitment is an important move for keeping ourselves accountable and building and strengthening the movement for racial justice. We ask CARW members to commit to the following: attendance at quarterly membership meetings, taking action monthly, and making a meaningful gift in the form of membership dues to help support CARW and to our POC-led partner organizations.

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We acknowledge that we are on Duwamish / Coast Salish Tribal land. The peoples and cultures of these tribes are still here, surviving and thriving in spite of hundreds of years of colonization and attempted genocide. We honor their strength and resilience.

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